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A sale shopping guide

Even though the weather says height of summer, the stores are signaling that the end of summer is nigh and it’s time to bargain hunt. It’s all too easy to lose focus in the sale frenzy, so tactics are key to being sensible and shopping successfully. Here are my top sale shopping tips.

Don’t be seduced by the discount tag

Despite the promise of a great saving, don’t let the sale tag lead you into a false sense of security. Really consider if you would actually wear the item. Nothing is a bargain if it’s simply going to hang in at the back of your closet unworn.

Do a closet inventory

Consider what you actually need, where are the gaps in your wardrobe and what essentials could do with being updated. This is a perfectly strategic way to tackle the sale racks.

Check your social calendar

This is a prime time to think about upcoming events that need something special for the occasion. Summer sales are the perfect opportunity to pick up that party outfit with big savings and avoiding the last minute panic.

Only buy something that fits

Don’t buy anything ill-fitting with the intention of getting it tailored or losing weight unless you absolutely mean it. A few half-hearted sale purchases can add up to one new-season item that you get more wear out of, making your sale purchases much less of a bargain.

A final word of advice

Think smart and make wise investments by seeing what’s coming next season and which pieces can do the double duty of transitioning you from summer to autumn. Go from sleeveless to long sleeves with some cropped pants; add monochrome to summer brights; a sparkly sequin jacket to a black jumpsuit; add a silky blouse to denim skirts and a denim jacket to maxi dresses.

A View From The Chair

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute opened its doors in 1997 with the mission “To advance the understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the ocean and to encourage the protection and preservation of the marine environment”. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, the importance of facilitating learning about and championing the stewardship of this precious resource is more critical than ever.


Reports on the present condition of the marine environment highlight the threats this complex environment faces, many man-made. Rising sea levels, increasing water temperatures, pollutants, microplastics, coral bleaching and habitat damage to name a few, impact all of us both locally in Bermuda and worldwide. Education is a key component of our mission; by inspiring young Bermudians to learn more about science and in particular the ocean around us, we aim to instill a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship. BUEI is also an important public resource and provides a forum for the community as a whole and also fosters collaboration between like-minded organisations. Together we can make a difference!


BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre is a valued community resource that welcomes tourists and residents 364 days a year to learn more about the ocean and underwater marine environment. In addition to perennial favourites such as the Shipwreck Gallery, Treasure Room and Shell Collection, it has been very exciting to introduce two new state-of-the-art interactive exhibits within the past 18 months; namely the XL Catlin “Living with the Ocean” and America’s Cup “Built to Win”. These modern installations give visitors a hands-on method of acquiring knowledge and complement our more traditional museum fare.


I was honoured to attend the opening of the recently revamped and upgraded simulated submersible experience, Blue Echo, that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill of a deep scientific dive to the ocean floor without getting wet. The commitment to develop new exhibit content continues, and our talented, energetic team is fully engaged and enthusiastic about BUEI’s proprietary Bermuda Triangle Experience, which will be rolled out later this year. Through both Bermuda centred and maritime themes we aim to engage, educate and empower our guests.


The third sector is a key pillar of our island community and BUEI was founded on a commitment to public service, visitor and guest satisfaction, innovation and continued redevelopment. I would like to sincerely thank my fellow Trustees, dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and many advocates for their continued engagement and commitment to fulfilling BUEI’s mission. We are particularly proud to mark BUEI’s twentieth year of serving the Bermuda community this year and look forward to the next 20!


Faith Conyers

Chair of BUEI


A new water park has opened at the site of the old 9 Beaches Resort in Daniel’s Head, Somerset.

1980: Football, French Fries & Fantastic Four

This week, August 11th, 1980.

Ahhh, that vintage year, 1980 in the UK. I had broken up from primary school in Derby and was looking forward to endless days of playing football and enjoying french fries from the restaurant down the road.

Being only ten at the time, I was never worried about the long hot days — there was just too much to do and look forward to.

The sounds of Blondie, David Bowie and Abba were the main hits as I proudly donned my Liverpool shirt, ready for another classic football game with my friends from my street.

When scoring goals was not on my mind, two police officers riding the California highway became my source of entertainment for Sunday’s as the theme tune to CHIPS boomed from my television set. These guys can really zip a corner as Ponch and Jon pursued the bad guys.

Cartoons were an absolute must as Saturdays saw Spider Man and the Fantastic Four save the earth once again. If only there were a time machine..

In the news

Bermuda almost saw its first swimming tragedy this year. Fernanda Varga almost drowned after 19 and a half hours of swimming. She was rescued by her swimming partner, Dr Shaun O’Connell. Despite her terrifying experience, she was determined to continue to swim in order to raise money for the Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association.

Emergency crews were called in as diesel oil from the cargo ship Hustler Cheyenne spread throughout the east end of Hamilton.

In the United States, the democratic party begins its four-day campaign at Madison Square Garden.

In Britain, Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher visited the east end of London in the Harold Hill area to hand 12,000 council tenants keys to buy houses under the Goverments’ right to buy scheme.


Top Albums (UK/US): 

  • Glass Houses: Billy Joel
  • London Calling: The Clash
  • Off the Wall: Michael Jackson


Top Grossing Films: 

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  • 9 to 5
  • Stir Crazy
  • Airplane


Top TV Shows:

  • Dallas
  • Dukes of Hazard
  • 60 Minutes
  • Mash
  • The Love Boat


2017 Cup Match Fashion

Locals dressed to impress on day two of the annual Cup Match Classic held at Wellington Oval, St. George’s Cricket Club.
This years trends highlighted loud prints, bright colours and lightweight, flowy clothing to keep cool during the days events.


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